Learn - Alphabet Learn - Numbers Learn - Colors
Learn to read and write the English Alphabet in the fun way. Really interesting video for children Learn to write and count numbers from 1 to 20. Learn some colors with a fun song.


Circles - Basics Area of Circles Algebra - Basics
Learn all about Circles in this video. This video teaches about Radius, Diameter, Circumference etc. Learn how to find the Area of circles. Learn the fundamentals of Algebra in an easy way.
Algebra Problems Triangles and 4 sided figures Ratio and Proportion
Learn how to solve algebra problems. Learn about the properties of triangles and 4 sided figures and learn how to solve several problems. Learn all about ratios and proportions
Percentages - Basics Percentages - II Percentages - III
Learn the basics of percentages. This video teaches how to express a percentage as a decimal and expressing a decimal as a percentage. This video teaches how to find the percentage of a quantity and part of a whole as a percentage.
Solid Figures Volume and Capacity Speed
Learn all about solid Figures and Net. It contain really useful and self explanatory videos segment created in 3D. This video teaches all about Volume and Capacity with easy to understand examples. This video teaches about speed and average speed in an easy way.
Pie-Charts or Circle Graphs
Learn about pie charts or circle graphs with easy-to-understand examples.